The Everly stands as an ideal choice for your upcoming corporate gatherings, fundraisers, private events, and beyond!

There’s an art to celebrating. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, an exciting reunion, or a company’s triumphant success, the backdrop matters. At The Everly, we offer more than just an event space nestled in Kansas City; we provide a canvas for memories.

With every event we host, we promise more than just impeccable service. We vow to understand the spirit of your occasion, to breathe life into your ideas, and to ensure your day is wrapped in warmth and joy. It’s not just about events; it’s about creating experiences that remain etched in hearts forever.

Because in the end, it’s not just about a venue. It’s about the laughter that fills it, the toasts that celebrate it, and the memories that define it. So, whatever your occasion, make it extraordinary with us.

Corporate Events

Non-Profit Events

Wedding Reception at The Everly

Private Events

The Everly is more than an event space; it is an environment where your stories, dreams, and celebrations intertwine. Every corner, from the lush, enchanting greenery to our charmingly restored in-house bar, is purposefully designed to evoke warmth, creating a unique backdrop against which your events come to life.

From the joyful celebrations of milestones to the formal gravitas of corporate gatherings, The Everly offers a versatile canvas upon which diverse events find distinction. The charm of our venue not only accommodates but elevates, every occasion—be it receptions, non-profit events, or corporate soirées—into an elevated experience.

Navigating through the unique nuances of numerous diverse events, our adept team is a guiding presence, ensuring your event is seamlessly orchestrated and resonates with your vision.

The Everly appreciates the subtle intricacies that render your event distinctly yours. We immerse ourselves in the details, from catering consultations to layout planning, crafting an environment that is an authentic reflection of your style and preferences.

The Everly is located in the vibrant core of Kansas City, yet manages to preserving a serene and intimate environment.  Our Kansas City event space extends the juxtaposition of connectivity and privacy.

Your events are sacred moments.

Your events are sacred, moments that weave through time to tell stories of milestones, achievements, and shared joys. The Everly stands as a sanctuary where these moments are celebrated and cherished.